Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Stained, Jeweled, Beveled and Zipper Cut Beveled Glass Window from the Masonic Temple in Saginaw, Michigan, circa 1900.  The window is massive, 12' 6" x 63", and is in remarkably good condition.  There are a couple of minor repairs to reinstall glass which came out during transit.  The window is filthy in its current condition and while it is stable it would benefit from being flattened and re-cemented. 

The glass throughout the window is very very good and the bevel work is superb.  Please note that all the swirls as well as the lettering is rendered in beveled glass and the entire border is zipper cut beveled glass.  The jewels in the border are all very substantial and faceted.

All of the pictures below enlarge when clicked on and the last two were taken in my studio in Helix, Or.

In its current condition and location, the cost for the window is $15,500.00. 

Flattening and re-cementing would be an additional $2,000.00

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