fid7027-#3 & #6

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

email:  fduff@antiqueamericanstainedglass

I purchased these panels from the Estate of Bob Ogorek/Plantation Galleries, Flint, Mich.,  perhaps 15 years ago.  At that time they were used on the interior of windows for one of his display buildings.  (In fact, this was a building which I built for him, and into which I installed these same windows.)

The windows measure as follows, the first set of dimensions is the frame size and the second set is the panel size:

38.5" x  98"        31.25" x 87.25"

32.25" x 97.5"    25.25" x 87.5"

The individual squares are essentially 5" x 5.5" each.

All panels are in good condition. The windows are not weather proof, and if an exterior application is planned, they would need to be re-cemented.

These panels are quite heavy and local pick-up is suggested.  It is possible that during one of my semi-annual trips east I could deliver them but that would take some discussion and remuneration.

I am willing to sell the windows individually or as a set.

Price per panel: $800.00

Price for the pair:  $1,500.00

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