Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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An exceptional pair of Antique American Stained/Painted and Layered Windows.  There is some cracking but it is minimal and none in any of the painted sections.  The plated areas have accumulated a lot of dirt between the layers and need to be cleaned.  The bottom two thumbnails below show one of the faces removed and then cleaned and reassembled.  Each panel is framed with zinc channel and measures 18" x 45.75".  This pair of panels is part of a larger set incorporating these and the figural pair fid13061a&b (click for a link to that pair).

While this pair are a bit shorter, they are most likely from the same installation as the two pair of windows found at the following links:


Sold as a pair only.

Price for this pair:  $17,500.00

Price for the 4pc. set:  $25,500.00

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