fid15000  (17 1/2” x 31 3/4”)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Pr. Antique American Stained/Jeweled and Mirrored Windows.  In their new frames each window measures 17.5" x 31.75".  At this writing the windows are in need of some restoration, primarily attending to the mirrored segments which have de-silvered.  That said, they are a lovely pair and quite unique. 

When I purchased the pair I was told that they may have come from a Carousel in Willow Grove Park, Pa.  Usually I am suspicious of that type of claim however in this case there may be some validity to the story.  The lead came on the face of each panel has been gilded while there was no attempt made to gild or patina the reverse of the window.  When this is combined with the fact that the mirrored segments were backed with what is probably lead paint (which I don't think was expected to be exposed to the weather) indicates to me that the panels were intended as surface decorations.

Price for the pair, as is:  $4,500.00

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