fid6062  44” X 15 1/2”)

Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique American Stained and Jeweled Glass Window from the home of Levi T. Schofield, noted Cleveland Architect.  (Numerous references to Mr. Schofield can be found in a Google search including the following: ) Circa 1890, Cleveland, Ohio.

Very nice glass throughout, wonderful Jewels and a very tight construction.  The design incorporates a fruit bowl center with a Pineapple most prominent.  This and the others of the set are very special in my opinion.

In its original frame the window measures 44" x 15.5".  At the time of publishing this webpage the window was in need of cleaning and re-cementing.  Please take this into account when looking at the pictures as the restored window will be much brighter and crisper.

Price:  $5,500.00

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