Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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A suite of Antique American Floral Stained and Jeweled Glass Windows from Povey Bro. Studio of Portland Oregon, circa 1900. 

I am in the process of editing the historic background of the windows but essentially it is that they came from the Lipman home, Portland, Or.  (Lipman of Lipman Wolfe Department Store).

These windows are in very good condition.  They had been installed for the last 10-20 years in a Portland home, protected by thermopane units.  (The arched window was not covered.)

The windows have had a couple of replaced pieces and the addition of a few lead lines, all done quite some time ago. 

The pair of side panels are in their original frames and measure 18.75" x 76.5".  The central panel, in a replaced frame, measures 41" x 76.5".  The Arched panel, in original frame measures 41" x 22.5".

The glass throughout is quite nice and very typical of Povey Brothers work and the use of chipped chunks in the Arched transom is also typical of their work.

The suite of windows is really quite marvelous.

Price for the 4pc. suite: $24,000.00

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