Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Arched Antique American Stained and Jeweled Floral Transom.  In its original frame, which has been stripped, the window measures 56" x 34".  The window has been flattened and re-cemented.  The center medallion is still convex/concave.  I have  been told (by Mark Boganrief) that this is a consequence of the concentric nature of the design and occurs when the window expands.  I don't know that I agree with this or not.   I have two other windows with similar 'domed' center medallions ( ,, and all 3 appear to be from the same maker.  All three of these windows appear to be similar to a set in the Driehaus Museum in Chicago, pictured at the bottom of the 'thumbnails' below. (  I have been told by Christopher Botti of Botti Studio, Chicago, that the windows were likely made by the Giannini and Hilgart Company, Chicago, Illinois.

There is one replaced piece in the outer border at a corner, perhaps 3/4" x 1" in size.  There is also one piece of the brownish background which is an earlier replacement. 

This window is most likely from Chicago, circa 1900 or a bit earlier.

Price:  $6,950.00

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