Antique American Stained Glass Windows

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Antique American Stained/Jeweled and Beveled Glass Floral Transom from the Povey Bro. Studio of Portland, Or. 

The window, which was probably originally a transom over a large clear lower panel is in it's original frame which had the lower portion removed.  The extant frame measures 48" x 27.".  The Window is a wonderful example of the Povey Bro. residential work and the Floral  elements are vintage Povey. 

The window is in very good condition although it needs a good cleaning/flattening and re-cementing and does have a few cracks. 

Although not identical, it is a mate to fid14000 and came from the same residence.

Price, which does includes flattening/cleaning and re-cementing:  $4,900.00

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