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Antique American Stained Glass Windows


23038 (96" dia., 20" rise)

An Antique American Stained Glass Dome made by Chicago Art Glass, 1981.  (There is a signiture tag identifying panel #1 as 'CAG Studios 1981')  The Dome is housed in a 2 part steel frame and is in excellent condition.  I assembled the frame in our display room prior to suspending it.  (Because the diameter of the frame is greater than most door openings having the frame in 2 halves is necessary.)  Consequently the frame will need to be seperated prior to delivery and reassembled at its final installation location.  (The reassembly is a bit tedious as fasteners must be modified to accomidate the final installation of the individual leaded panels.)

The price quoted below includes disassembly of the dome and the fabrication custom packing and crating.  (Beause of the dimensions of the frame I think that pickup from our location or delivery will be more practical than shipping.  I can quote a price for delivery.  Delivery cost is not included in the price quoted below.)

Price:  $22,500.00

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